Impacts and Adaptations

75% of Canadians are worried about climate change

Interested to know about why climate change is happening, impacts on our health and communities, and what ordinary people can do about it? Read more.

Core Impacts

Learn more about how heat and drought can impact our lives and what you can do

Heat & Drought

Read about floods and the impacts they have on our communities

Floods & Precipitation

Learn more about the effects of catastrophic weather, and how to prepare.

Catastrophic Weather

Core Adaptations

Click to discover community action that can be taken

Community Actions

Learn more about emergency preparedness for extreme weather events

Emergency Preparedness

Learn more about food security and why it's so important as climate change intensifies

Food Security

Learn more about the role of and pressures on our green spaces under climate change

Green Spaces

Learn more about the role of social networks in times of extreme weather events

Social Networks