St. James Town residents need more green spaces

Covid-19 has helped Canadians understand that the unequal distribution of green space, especially for those in high-rise neighbourhoods, is an equity issue.

There are fundamental barriers to Toronto’s St James Town residents’ enjoyment of local green space.

CREW is working with residents to change this.

  • We want to improve neighbourhood green spaces.
  • We want outdoor spaces where people can make new friends.
  • St James Town is an urban heat island: we want tree canopies and green spaces where people can cool down in hot weather.
Aerial photo of Toronto's St James Town neighbourhood, stacked with highrises and very little green space.
This photo shows how starved for green space urban neighbourhoods are

The value of green spaces

Learn more about the value of green spaces to our communities.

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Community Resilience to Extreme Weather (CREW)

Community Resilience to Extreme Weather (CREW) explores ways of communicating and promoting community adaptation to the rapidly increasing risks and hazards of extreme weather and the public health impacts.

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